Practical Octavia in Porto


I had the pleasure of taking the 2017 Skoda Octavia for a jaunt around the coastal city of Porto in Portugal earlier this week. 

The first thing to report about the handsome facelift 2017 Octavia is that it is terrifically comfortable on a long drive, spacious inside, well equipped and as I discovered after getting very lost, it’s not bad over seriously rough terrain. 

The first thing that catches your eye  with this new look Octavia is the larger front grille and spilt headlights which renew and modernise the car’s looks. 

The Octavia’s on-board tech is terrific with Wi-Fi, USB ports, bluetooth, an SD slot and a terrific infotainment system with screen sizes between between 6.5 and 9.2 inches, depending on trim level. 

The cabin is well equipped with all the mod-cons we’ve come to expect from Skoda and they even have a terrific little gadget to help you open a drinks bottle one handed, something I hadn’t realised I needed in my life until now. 

The new Octavia will continue with the same trimline structure of Active, Ambition and Style specification levels. 

The Ambition model gets new LED taillights, electric folding mirrors and a new reversing camera now as standard. 

The top Style trimline will now benefit from a new front grill and chrome detailing in addition to the impressive 9.2” Columbus Navigation & Infotainment system which comes as standard on the Style model. 

The Octavia’s petrol engines are turbocharged, with the 86bhp 1.2litre at the entry level of the range, getting 4.8 l per 100 km 

Next is the surprisingly quick and gutsy one litre engine that gets a thumping 115bhp out of its three cylinders, it’s available with a seven speed DSG or six speed manual 4.8 l per 100 km (4.7 with DSG transmission). 

There is a 110bhp 1.4 engine that produces 110bhp and even in the estate variant manages to remain under the 100 g CO2 emission mark. 

There is a quicker 150bhp 1.4 engine which gets from 0-100kph in 8.2 seconds and yet only consumes 4.9 l per 100 km when combined with the 7-speed, dual-clutch transmission. 

All of the diesel engines are only available as turbocharged, direct injection TDIs with four cylinders with the 1.6 TDI at the entry level 

The 90bhp 1.6 TDI’s average fuel consumption is 4.0 l per 100 km, while the 1.6bhp version consumes 3.9 l per 100 km and gets to 100kph two seconds faster than the entry model. 

The 2.0 TDI is also available in two versions with different power levels the 2.0 TDI with 150bhp comes with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard. 

For the front-wheel-drive version, a 6-speed DSG transmission is optionally available; for the all-wheel-drive variant, a 7-speed DSG transmission is available. The engine impresses with a 0-100kph time of 8.4 seconds and on average consumes 4.3 l per 100 km. 

The 2.0 TDI 150bhp with DSG transmission and all-wheel drive represents a new powertrain combination: the first 4x4 Octavia with a 7-speed DSG. 

You should check out my review of the Skoda Octavia RS because it’s more fun than the standard model.

It gets from 0-100kph in 7.1 seconds and reaches a top speed of 228 km/h and on average consumes only 4.9 l per 100 km. 

The Octavia will range in price from €19,750 for the 1.2ltr petrol to €31,950 for the four wheel drive 2ltr diesel model and the first models will be landing in Ireland at the end of March. 

Morgan Flanagan Creagh

Sunday World